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Design & Landscaping the Garden

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About the Designer - Backyard Bounty

The Lee Dennison Garden was designed by Backyard Bounty designers Edamarie Mattei and Mark Dennis.  


After a full RFP process, the company was also selected to install the garden which was completed in the Spring of 2020.  


Backyard Bounty is a sustainable landscape company committed to designing and installing gardens to connect people to nature and each other through landscapes that:


  • Use plantings that thrive without the need for supplemental fertilizers, pesticides and irrigations systems

  • Reduce the amount of polluted run-off our roofs and driveways send to the bay through pervious hardscape, rain gardens, and conservation landscapes

  • Preserve ecological diversity with to weave habitat and home through native plantings that feed and shelter our declining pollinator and bird populations

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